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Nicholson Yacht Charter & Services

Nicholson Yacht Charter & Services

Caribbean Yacht Charter: How it all started by Desmond Nicholson

How did it happen? Well, you see my father, the Commander, was in the Royal Navy and the family followed his appointments, when feasible, to be near him. In wartime, it was possible to rent unfurnished houses, but impossible to find furnished houses. So what did we do? Well, we bought a yacht, cheap – a beautiful 70 ft schooner of 1903 vintage.   We didn’t want the yacht, nobody did in wartime, but this lovely one, the Mollihawk, was lying in a mud berth on the Dart and she was FURNISHED! We bought the yacht just for the knives, forks and spoons, linen and blankets – all the things that were impossible to find, for one needed ration books to buy them in the shops if one could. So we bought the yacht to furnish a house near Plymouth, Devon, England.   After the war, when we two lads came out of the services, the Commander had already started refitting Mollihawk with an idea of going back to the West Indies where he had once patrolled the islands during the war, just as Nelson once did. At the time, Dad was based in Bermuda and we had braved the Battle of the Atlantic to join him there. It was amongst those islands we learnt our first seamanship when going shopping across the Sound.

Luxury sailing yachts have transformed greatly in recent years, undergoing a metamorphosis from what used to be considered as a simple sailing vessel, to the utter luxury. Here at Nicholson Charters we will provide you with everything you could possibly think of, (and some things you had not even thought were possible!).  We have a great selection of excellent yachts in this size range available for charter worldwide. Book a Charter with family and friends or a corporate group. Below are a few examples of yachts that are available for charter in various ports around the world.  Please contact us directly at Nicholson Yacht Charter and Services for the latests information on the yachts whereabouts and planned charter destinations and a selection of additional options.

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